The perfect moody evening.

This session is special to me for one big reason. It’s the first session I shot with Andy. My best friend, life partner, and the person pushing me forward in this industry.

Andy being a seasoned photographer – about ten years or so – I was immediately intimidated when he asked me out on a date and I realized what he did for a living. I thought, “How could he think I’m talented… just look at his work. There is no way I compare.” But as we kept seeing each other, he quickly became my biggest supporter and contributor to my growth.  He’s made me realize my true potential and I hope him close to my heart for that.

The whole day was gray and rainy. Halfway up the mountain, we came to the conclusion that the session would probably be cancelled due to the weather. Looking up the road, the mountain wasn’t even visible. At the top, it was so windy I could barely hold the car door open. Ryan and Morgan wanted to push through it. A little cold rain and wind wouldn’t hurt, right?

Absolutely right. The session started out in the woods for some moody shots. Being beneath the tall trees blocked most of the wind and rain for a while. As we transitioned into the road, the rain picked up, giving some interesting shots. But well worth it. After a while we decided to drive partly back down the mountain so there would be less fog, and we wound up finding a cute area right off the road with the perfect fall foliage.


I left that shoot feeling so fulfilled and confident in not only my work, but my relationship. Our future together is looking extra bright these days.


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