I’m a bit late in posting this…. like eight months late.

Cece and Samantha got married in December of last year (2018). Their intimate ceremony was in a sweet, small town not far from Nashville. They were surrounded by special friends and family. This celebration was particularly special to me, and a bit heartbreaking.

My older sister and Cece’s older sister went to school together and were best friends. Eventually my sister became a part of their family. I was always jealous because we didn’t have the best relationship growing up and I felt like she got even more distant after spending so much time with her “new” family. Fast forward a few years, Cece and I started spending more time together and we became very close.

It was also around this time that she came out to her family that she was gay.

Long story short, it didn’t go well. And even years later they still don’t approve. Less than a handful of her family came to her wedding. Cece and I may not be blood relatives, but we are sisters. Being there for her, and especially as her photographer, was a great honor to me.



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